Public Health and Prevention in Communities of Color

Health Disparities are no secret; it is a fact that people of color have worse health outcomes compared to those who are white. People live in poverty all across the country and employment is not a guarantee to access to health care in our nation. We have known this for years and yet neglect to accept it. Health care is a human right and so is having information readily available. Alma has always been very interested in health care and works to help others from her community. When people discuss problems within their communities and say they are worried about employment and education, they also point out that in order to have a successful thriving community people need to be healthy. Obesity and diabetes are very serious issues within Alma’s community and her goal is to be able to impact the life of her community members. Public Health and Prevention is very important to help improve the life of others. Public health is social justice and it is essential to educate the members of our communities about health issues in order to eliminate health disparities.