Reinstate Sex Ed in Waco

Katrina worked to lower high school dropout rates in conjunction with lower teen pregnancy rates by advocating for the reinstatment of sexual education programs in Waco and having P.A.P.A.S (a required program by the state of Texas about parenting) was taught to teens that already have children. Because cyclical poverty in the Waco region can be attributed to both of these factors, Katrina sought to halt this systemic problem and ensure children could gain the knowledge they need to survive in the real world and take control of their own lives. By serving on the local Student Health Advisory Council (S.H.A.C.) and working with different organizations and people within the medical field, she gathered research and support to push the S.H.A.C. to propose a plan that would reinstate sexual health education in the area. She proposed that the Texas State Board of Education-approved Big Decisions program, a ten-day curriculum considered abstinence-plus (i.e. comprehensive sex education with a focus on abstinence as being the only true way to prevent pregnancy), be installed in Waco schools. To implement this plan, she approached: the Baylor School of Social Work, Baylor School of Education, Hillcrest Hospital OBGYN, Providence Hospital OBGYN, Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, Healthy Futures of Texas in San Antonio, UT Houston School of Public Health, parents in the local community, and the Texas Freedom Network to gather research as well as support for sexual education in Waco schools. My plan is to make a presentation to the local S.H.A.C. at their next meeting on February 23, 2011 and hope to have them add this program into their recommendations for the 2011-2012 school year. If this plan doesnt work then I intended to approach the school board itself along with all my research and present the idea to them myself.