Reproductive Justice for Long Beach

Andrew Jenkin’s Blueprint addressed several problems, including the lack of reproductive and sexual health care services at CSU Long Beach and for low-income families in Long Beach, as well as the high prevalence of STI’s in the local LGBTQ community. For example, he fought to provide safe sex resources in dorms to counter the high levels of STI and unintended pregnancy rates and increase awareness amongst thousands of families in Long Beach that they qualified for a state program (FPAC) that provides low-cost to free reproductive and sexual health care services.

Another major problem Andrew tackled through his blueprint was the lack of infrastructure for reproductive justice organizing at CSU. Prior to starting an RJ organization in 2010 there had never been a youth-driven, pro-choice organization on campus. Thus, there were limited resources for pushing messages, mobilizing students, and lobbying for choice. Because of this, Andrew worked to build the Choice USA chapter at CSULB, significantly expanding its active membership, and developing strategic plans and resources for future campus organizers.