Corey’s Blueprint, SGA-Alliance, was an action plan to create an alliance of student body presidents and host a three-day summit at the Johnson County Community College. During this summit, campus presidents from the entire state of Kansas and Missouri underwent leadership development trainings and made commitments to their community and campuses to undergo service projects that would tackle issues that threaten our societies. Attendees identified the strengths and attributes individual student senates have, and also assessed their weaknesses in order to tackle these more effectively. Each senate brought forth and spoke on issues their communities faced, and then came together to create plans for ending or mitigating the conflict at hand. After leaders identified their issues and underwent leadership development workshops, they then proceeded to sign a pact with the host school and create a timeline in which they would work to meet their deliverables. Each school was paired with a sister school in which they worked on the project together to move towards success even more effectively.