As of the 2016-2017 school year, The George Washington University (commonly referred to as GW) has admitted a small percentage of undocumented students to its campus. Students under the DACA program have been accepted with the uncertainty of whether or not the program will continue to take place during the next presidential administration. The main goal for the social justice campaign SoyYo! is to establish an advocacy action campaign in order to bring support to undocumented/ immigrant students on campus. This would entitle formulating teach-ins with students/ professors, bringing guest speakers, such as DREAMERS from the area that have already graduated, and also having a welcoming environment for the parents. GW has various support systems for their students, and the main goal is to expand those resources in ways that undocumented students, immigrant students and parents can use them. The focus of this social justice blueprint is also to create a sense of community. Right now, there is not a student organization that focuses specifically on the support and retention of undocumented students. Further, the ultimate goal is to establish connections within high schools to promote education about what it means to be DACA, and the various scholarship opportunities around the country. Statistics demonstrate that approximately seven thousand to thirteen thousand undocumented students enroll in college throughout the United States. The purpose of this campaign is to retain undocumented/ immigrant students in college but also encourage and help students under these same circumstances at the high school level.