Striving Towards Educational Progress (STEP) – Educator’s Training, Fem/Mentorship Program and Jr. High Conference

The Striving Towards Educational Progress (STEP) program is a program that is composed of an annual training that aims to critically educate educators on important issues that may impact their student’s learning. It is clear that the opportunity gap exists and may hinder many students from certain backgrounds from achieving access to higher education. This program aims to enlighten and prepare educators within the junior high schools of the Santa Maria Bonita School District (SMBSD) to better advocate for the futures of their students within education, while simultaneously applying tools to motivate students to prepare them towards attaining higher education upon leaving SMBSD. Given that 92% of students within SMBSD are students of color, many from low-income backgrounds, it is important that educators have an understanding of how this may impact their educational trajectory. In addition to this endeavor, Eunice hopes that this will also serve as a training ground so that educators may get reacquainted with college going matriculation and literacy to increase efforts towards accessing higher education for the youth of SMBSD through implementing the Fem/Mentorship program and the annual Junior High College Conference. These efforts will be referred to as “STEP Training”, “STEP Fem/Mentorship Program,” and “STEP Conference,” all taking place within the 2017 – 2018 academic year with the participation of the four junior high schools within Santa Maria Bonita School District. Currently, she serves as the College Site Coordinator for two of the four junior high schools located in SMBSD and therefore am able to communicate and follow up with important key players that may be able to support the fruition of this blueprint.