Teaching Truth at the University of Louisville

Teaching Truth is a campus-wide campaign at the University of Louisville that aims to change the Cultural Diversity requirements in general education as well as hold departments and professors accountable who are teaching so-called “diverse” courses. Many current courses available in Humanities and Literature are especially listed as culturally diverse by the university administration yet their syllabi prove otherwise. Most of these courses use books written by and about heterosexual white men and those which include readings by more inclusive authors are often skipped in the class. The majority of the courses do not focus on authors and topics by/about People of Color, people in the LGBT community, and women more than once in the semester, if at all. Most importantly, many of these courses do not have their syllabus available online for the university to see, which is against university policy and does not allow students and other faculty to hold them accountable to diversity standards. The larger issue in this Blueprint for Social Justice is the current Cultural Diversity requirements in general education at the University of Louisville. These course requirements are designed to give every student a well-rounded education that includes diversity. However, these course requirements can be fulfilled with an introductory history class or humanities class which, while good courses, teach nothing about inclusion in the 21st century when the coursework is not diverse. These courses leave students completely unequipped to deal with current issues happening all over the country.