The Carnegie Mellon Scotty Solidarity Coalition

The Carnegie Mellon Scotty Solidarity Coalition is an alliance of campus organizations that aim to create effective cultural, systemic, and policy changes on Carnegie Mellon’s campus. As a university, Carnegie Mellon places a large emphasis on innovation within S.T.E.M.  and academics. While this has pushed the university closer towards its goal of becoming a household name, the unfortunate consequence is that politics and social justice often fall through the cracks. Many students acknowledge that Carnegie Mellon produces great engineers but, question if those engineers will leave the university as well rounded, good people. For this reason, most folks would characterize Carnegie Mellon’s student body as politically apathetic. However, that claim doesn’t give CMU students the benefit of the doubt. It is important to consider the over 70 on-campus student organizations working within the realms of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Carnegie Mellon’s student body is not politically apathetic, the problem lies in student organizations working within their own specialized niches and not looking toward one another for support. Over the years, though students of a variety of demographics have voiced their concerns to the administration, the response has been inadequate to say the least. By students working within their own organizations and failing to communicate with one another, their efforts for social change have been uncoordinated and weak. In the cases where coordination is attempted, university admins have been in charge of the process, inhibiting the opportunity for true change. For this purpose, the Carnegie Mellon Solidarity Coalition aims to gather social justice advocates in a consortium that can create social change.