The Flower From Concrete Collective (F.F.C.C)

The Flower From Concrete Collective (F.F.C.C) is a literary-based, healing-oriented creative writing workshop series for black, femme-identified folks within the Atlanta, Georgia area. Grounded in Lora Mathis concept of “radical softness”, the belief in the capacity of vulnerability to be used as a tool and weapon in a society that prioritizes hardness and lack of emotions, the Flower From Concrete Collective is a space in which self-identified black femmes can begin a journey of finding their way back to themselves.  The intention of the project is to establish poetry/creative writing as an outlet through which members can confess, confront, and conquer the wounds of unhealed spiritual trauma that result from the interlocking oppressive systems which prioritize the numbing of emotion for survival.  Over the course of the 4-week program, participants will use the literary work of Audre Lorde, Alice Walker, and bell hooks to create their own radically soft poetry.  In three segments, focused of the self, relationships to others, and pursuit of purpose, participants will develop skills of resistance against the spiritually draining impact of intersectional oppression.  The program will conclude with a creative exhibition in which the members of The Collective, can share their work with their closest loved ones, setting their journey of radical softness into full effect.  The goal of this workshop series is to provide a much needed space for black femmes to care for themselves, honoring Audre Lorde’s insistence that “caring for myself is not self-indulgent, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”.