The Latino Diaspora of the Americas Project

The Latino Diaspora of the Americas Project is a project launched in 2014 by Genesis Lara under the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program. By design, the project is designed to promote the preservation and protection of Latinx history in North, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean. Its willingness to engage in innovative practices in conducting interview series as well as collaborating with activists, scholars and the community has won it acclaim and awards at university, state and national level. To expand the capacity of the program, steps will be taken to create educational programs designed for high school students, partnering with mentorship programs to provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth K-8th, designing curriculums at the collegiate level, petitioning for greater inclusion in community conversations regarding community development and fostering pathways for collaboration between oppressed communities. This blueprint will lay out tangible goals that will focus on allocation of resources, advocacy work locally and at the state level, as well as creating long term partnerships that will strengthen the operational strength of the program.