The Undocumented Youth Higher Education Access Program (Undoc(U))

The Undocumented Youth Higher Education Access Program aims to address the social, economic, and political disenfranchisement that undocumented immigrants face as a result of limited resources to pursue higher education.Undoc(U) aims to provide professional development, computer literacy, and resume workshops to equip students with the skills necessary to matriculate into higher education, Undoc(U) aims to educate and assist  students with the California Dream Act, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and Advance Parole (AP) applications if these programs are to remain intact under a new administration. Additionally, this program  aims to provide legal services and Know Your Rights workshops to students in local high schools as their families. Undocumented students face the normal stresses of academia coupled with fear of family separation, instability due to a lack of status, and future uncertainty. Living in California provides  a unique privilege that many immigrants in other states don’t receive, a Local and State government that’s  committed to protecting immigrant communities. However, often times immigrants like Denea become too comfortable and forget the federal law enforcement presence in the state. Granted, she wants to provide students and their families the knowledge to protect themselves and ensure future success.