#TheWorldIWant Redefining Media Standards.

#TheWorldIWant (#TWIW) is a global media campaign that aims to redefine and rectify what it means to have a voice in the digital era. Surrounded by celebrity gossip, political news that is often hoaxed, and dozens of other questionable media outlets, #TWIW aims to provide a voice to individuals who are often left out of traditional media sources to be able to provide a critique on their life, society, issues, and the world on a platform for a more global audience. #TWIW will work to source out ordinary yet extraordinary individuals who have something important to share to the world that is often misconstrued in the general media or talked over about. Moreover, #TheWorldIWant will be utilized as aims of bringing unity groups of individuals otherwise not fairly represented in traditional media by envisioning, and subsequently demanding, a world that is built on equality and justice for all. Thus, #TWIW takes a traditional concept of a media campaign to a more global issue of being able to understand, redefine, and furthermore reassess how media chooses to share and not share certain content by democratizing access to every individual who believes they have a voice worth sharing. The media campaign will  occur on all major media channels  (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr), and will include issues discussed about ranging from gender equity, health awareness, economic democracy, and more. For the purposes of this Blueprint for Social Justice, #TWIW will focus on sourcing 100 people initially from all walks of life to share their stories that would often not be shared by traditional media outlets in order to put issues not discussed about on a global agenda for everyone to understand and realize #TheWorldIWant is not a desire but rather a reality waiting to happen.