For her Blueprint, Ashley founded TogetHER, a girls empowerment and leadership group. The mission of TogetHER is to serve at-risk, low-income girls of color in inner city communities. TogetHER incorporates its five core values into its programming: (1) personal empowerment believing in HERself and HER abilities leading to self-motivation (2) education moving on past a K-12 education toward college and beyond (3) community service getting involved in various communities to lend a helping hand and give back (4) leadership stepping up and taking roles that demonstrate strategic decision-making while pushing boundaries to make room for others to follow (5) developing life & decision-making skills these skills will be essential for all TogetHER participants to be quick on HER toes, enabling HER to make choices that will further HER goals! Ashley successfully hosted TogetHER’s first annual Leadership and Empowerment Summit with over 40 participants, teachers, volunteers, and staff.