UC Davis Undergraduate Legal Clinic: Providing Service to People who need it the Most

The intentions of this project is to create/revamp the legal services that UC Davis has to offer. By doing so, students who cannot afford legal counsel, now have different options of tackling any legal burdens. This project would directly benefit folx of color and folx who do not have the financial resources to afford a lawyer. The difference between this clinic and a legal clinic under a law school would be that this would only provide students with options from the legal research team in contrast to a law school clinic where they prescribe legal remedies. Since our workers would not have law licenses nor would we function under someone with a law license we are not legally allowed to favor one course of action over another. In the election of a racist president-elect it is especially important that a service like this be brought to fruition because of the expected high volume of student activism on campus. This service would guard the most marginalized in our community as they protest for the right to live in this country. In addition, because the majority of folx who come from low-income backgrounds are students of color, they would be the most affected by any legal burden. This clinic would address issues of education inequity in the UC Davis community because students should not be derailed from their education by costly legal fees.