Rob is the chairman of WhipperSnappers, a tax-exempt organization in Chicago, Illinois. It is dedicated to helping to eradicate food insecurity in schools serving Chicago’s under-resourced children. Through WhipperSnappers, he hopes to create partnerships that enable him to provide actual food items for students to take home over weekends and unusually long breaks during the school year. Initially, he desires to partner with one elementary school in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, to identify students who would benefit from food parcels on weekends and breaks, and provide that assistance for their families. After a trial period, if the intervention makes a positive difference, Rob and WhipperSnappers will expand the partnership to include other schools in the South Shore neighborhood. An additional, essential step is for WhipperSnappers to partner with corporate sponsors, such as banks, grocery stores, and other businesses for monetary and in-kind donations. Rob, through WhipperSnappers, will connect with other neighborhood stakeholders, such as parent groups, churches, community development organizations, in order to get buy in, support and volunteers from the community. The food parcels are phase one. Later phases include working with schools to establish gardens and cooking classes for students. WhipperSnappers’ work is to effect economic and racial justice, through alleviating childhood food insecurity.