Women of Color Lead

Christine’s Blueprint addressed the decline in applications for leadership positions and opportunities within the Black and Latina communities at Bryn Mawr. One of the major contributing factors to this was the lack of consideration for circumstances that may put women of color disproportionally at a disadvantaged. For example: many women of color did not have the network needed get letters of recommendation, which are crucial to receiving access the higher levels of the system. Many women of color were also unaware that leadership opportunities were available to them, in part due to the monopolization of information by a few women and because many women of color ido not know the right people in order to receive access to such opportunities. Another problem was that people of color were rarely appointed to leadership positions, others feel uncomfortable seeking such opportunities out. All of these factors contributed to a vicious cycle of low application rates amongst the women of color community to leadership positions and a falling representation of women of color amongst campus leadership. Through her Blueprint, Christine tackled these issues by challenging the internalized and institutionalized racism with her campus and fellow students in order to strengthen women of color’s self esteem and increase their involement in the campus community, leading them to seek out leadership positions at higher rates.