Adam Connor

Education Justice

BLUEPRINT: Creative Resistance at George Washington University. George Washington University YP4 Fellows engaged in an incredibly successful event called YP4 Creative Resistance. They organized a forum that also served as the kick off event for Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Crashing the Gate book tour. YP4 Fellows were able to bring students, activists and community members from across Washington DC to the event and to engage in a lively discussion afterward. Adam Connor, a 2006 YP4 Fellow took this experience with him to his training as part of the Front Lines Leaders Academy, and continues to work to find new and innovative ways to engage people in the political process.

Adam Kaminsky

Trans* and Queer Liberation

BLUEPRINT: Organizing for Fairness at University of Central Florida. In order to create a more tolerant and inherently equal environment at their university, the University of Central Florida YP4 Fellows and their gay-straight alliances organized a Same-Sex Hand Holding Day on their campus. The event was designed to encourage people of the same sex to hold hands as they marched across campus to the office of the president to demand that sexual orientation be included in the schools non discrimination policy and that the university offer domestic partnership benefits to gay employees. The YP4 Fellows efforts helped to turn out over two hundred students, faculty, staff and community members to the march. After the event, they organized a postcard campaign that led to hundreds of students mailing postcards to encourage the University President to support fairness. The event was a huge success and was covered in the campus paper, regional paper, and by the local news. In the face of media pressure, the president of the university endorsed adding sexual orientation to the schools non discrimination policy.

Alberto Gonzales

Education JusticeImmigration

Andrea Volger

Education JusticeRacial Justice

Andrew Barragan

Environmental Justice

BLUEPRINT: Climate Change Compact at Stanford University. Stanford University YP4 Fellows worked with Campus Climate Challenge to call for a strong University commitment to the challenge of climate change, and to catalyze the institution-wide changes that will fulfill those commitments. They worked to push Stanford to become a principal signatory to the Campus Climate Change Compact by the end of the 2006 academic year, put the plan into effect by the 2007, and made measurable strides in implementation of on-campus renewable energy generation by the beginning of the 2007-2008 academic year.

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