Anjuli Pandit

Economic Justice

BLUEPRINT: Building Community in Miami. YP4 Fellows at the University of Miami brought over 1,000 university and high school students from across Miami to do service work together and to begin to build alliances between universities, high schools and community-based organizations. One participant had this to say about their experience: Along with dozens of other students from Miami-Dade College, we were able to start a vegetable garden that will provide food for the locals.”

Anna Sidou

Education JusticeRacial Justice

“BLUEPRINT: Organizing to Save Affirmative Action in Michigan. In the November 2006 elections, a statewide ballot initiative called the “”Michigan Civil Rights Initiative”” aimed to ban affirmative action policies and outreach programs at all publicly funded state institutions including higher education institutions. The ballot initiative was sponsored by Ward Connerly

Antoine Taylor

Voting Rights & Voter Engagement

BLUEPRINT: Sparking Civic Participation at University of Cincinnati. In order to increase civic participation, University of Cincinnati YP4 Fellows started an event called Northside Celebrates Voting. The event took place the weekend before Election Day. They sought out sponsors, invited bands to perform, and all candidates running for office were invited to speak. Over a dozen officials running for office came throughout the course of the event to speak to hundreds of voting community members.

Arjuna Sayyed

Education Justice

BLUEPRINT: Community Building among Youth Organizations in San Francisco. Each of the CCSF Fellows has a background in community based youth work. They all recognized that while there were many different groups organizing youth around San Francisco, there was no sense of unity in purpose or movement building amongst the groups. They also felt that there was a lack of opportunity in the organizing world once somebody stopped being a youth. The CCSF Fellows sought to bring the different groups together to learn from each other and develop some common goals. Arjuna, Gustavo and Sammie therefore engaged in a series of train the trainer events to support ongoing community youth outreach, and held community events for local youth, all with the aim of forging a common agenda.

Arthur Chan

Racial Justice

“BLUEPRINT: Empowering Young Asian Americans. YP4 Fellow Arthur Chan felt there was a large discrepancy between different ethnic groups (within the Asian or Asian-American label) as well as a lack of unity. To address these needs within his community, Arthur used his Blueprint for Social Justice to create a leadership seminar called “”Empowering Young Asian-Americans.”” The seminar was designed and presented to Asian-American high school students in the D.C. Area. Arthur focused on civic engagement training as well as attempting to convey the necessary skills (public speaking

Ashley Rose

Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice

BLUEPRINT: Coming Clean: Sexcual Assault Prevention at Amherst College. Fellows at Amherst College formed Coming Clean, a student-run organization that worked toward sexual assault prevention from the student side of the issue. They surveyed their campus to asses feelings toward sexual assault and what students defined as sexual assault. They also collected survivor stories to create a publication that brought a more human face to the issue.

Ashley Sutton

Education Justice

Autumn Lee

Voting Rights & Voter Engagement

BLUEPRINT: Turning Voters Out at Wilberforce. The Wilberforce Fellows wanted to increase civic participation on their campus. Concerned about low youth participation in voting, they worked as YP4 Fellows in conjunction with Working Assets, a socially responsible business, to help sponsor a Party at the Polls event on Election Day. The Wilberforce Party at the Polls event was designed to encourage students on campus to vote in the 2006 mid-term elections. On Election Day, the Fellows hired a DJ, ordered food, and secured space on campus to throw a party for students who voted. Only people who proved they had voted were allowed into the party. The event was a huge success. During the afternoon on Election Day almost fifty Wilberforce students who had voted came to the party to dance, eat, and talk about election returns.