Adán Chávez

Legal and Judicial Activism

The Census 2020 Campaign in the Inland Empire (hereinafter referred to as “The Campaign”) will work for a full and accurate count of all Latinos in Riverside and San Bernardino counties for Census 2020. The Campaign will deploy a two-year strategy that includes engaging elected officials at the city, state, and county levels, non-profit and community-based organization executives, and other civil servant and faith leaders in the Inland region. Together, we will work to foster relationships and recruit partners, form a bi-county and regional Complete Count Committee, host “train-the-trainer” workshops, organize larger public-facing forums and convenings, establish community assistance centers, and disseminate much-needed collateral to do critical outreach and education. This will be done with a regional twist in a way that best resonates with the Latino community.

Aileen Vazquez

Health Equity

This blueprint aims to implement diversity and inclusion trainings for the Physical Therapy students working at Florida International University’s pro bono clinic. The trainings would focus on health disparities and cover a basic foundation on understanding gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, sexuality, and different abilities. The goal of this blueprint is to make those Physical Therapists more compassionate, empathetic, and understanding health care workers. By starting these trainings before they go into the workforce, they will be able to positively impact the facilities where they will work in, as well as, the lives of their patients. This blueprint will encourage these future healthcare workers to embark on the lifelong process of cultural humility so that their patients are in a safe environment where they can develop a meaningful relationship with their health care provider.

Alex Trapps-Chabala

Racial Justice

Evolution Over Eviction is a campaign of the Alena Museum that seeks to preserve the cultural and historical legacies of Oakland, California’s native Black population through storytelling, art, and activism. The museum will provide a safe space for transformative justice and learning within the community, bridging together Civic Engagement and the arts as a utility for the community to fight against gentrification and its resulting displacement.

Allie Stewart

Economic Justice

Hunger Awareness Week at Sacramento City College seeks to bring awareness to food-insecure students on campus. Not only will we be providing free perishable and non-perishable food items throughout the week, but we will also have organizations providing their services to students in an attempt to connect as many students with the resources that they need. By hosting a Hunger Awareness Week, our hope is that the stigma surrounding food insecurity will diminish. My work with the Food Insecurity Committee also seeks to establish a food pantry on campus by the fall of 2021. Overall, Hunger Awareness Week and the eventual implementation of a food pantry on campus are the foundations that will be necessary to tackle the larger issue of food insecurity at Sacramento City College.

Andrew Mai

Racial Justice

In the city of Wichita, KS, the effects of colonization and capitalism manifest in low retention rates of people of color within the community, negligence of mental health care for individuals of all ages, and a stagnant and failing economy in the city. Together, these effects foster a poor living, learning, and working environment for marginalized communities and this consequently encourages young people of color to leave the community and encourages negligence of communities of color from local leaders. The Asian American Community Center is a resource facility in Wichita that aims to engage, educate, and empower the Asian American community through rigorous programming, interactive workshops, and intensive professional development training. Though the Center focuses on the historically marginalized Asian community in Wichita, all individuals are welcome and are encouraged to utilize the services that the Center has to offer.

Angela Maria Locarno

Gender Parity

With love & rage is a free online platform for young activists, specifically those that identify as womxn and femmes of color. It’s comprised of 2 main online outlets where young activists can hear the voices and experiences of each other through a podcast and share resources, learn with one another, and connect through an Instagram page. Young activists often struggle with burnout, mental health fatigue, and sometimes feelings of loneliness within the movement. This platform will explore the idea of how feelings of love and rage coexist in radical social justice work through sincere, real, and genuine conversation. With love & rage will strive to help alleviate these activist struggles through an online community where folks can validate, share, and work together towards liberation for the communities/ issues we invest in but also for activists themselves.

Angelique Beluso

Racial Justice

The Colored Girls Empowerment Project (C.G.E.P.) aims to create community amongst young women, femmes, trans and non-binary folks of color in the Bronx and provides financial literacy training to prepare young people to invest in their futures. We aim to equip students with knowledge and life skills that will empower them to take control of their lives and their futures. CGEP’s curriculum will consist of teaching students to save and budget, fill out a FAFSA, read a financial aid package, apply to scholarships, manage credit cards, entrepreneurship, taxes, homeownership and retirement planning. By the end of the program, youth will be able to make informed financial decisions as they move through life.

Bi’Anncha Andrews

Economic Justice

The Rights of Residents Campaign is a community-based multi-year initiative designed to train and mobilize residents fighting against residential displacement due to exclusionary planning methods imposed by elected officials. This campaign aims to influence the preservation of affordable housing policy, equitable zoning laws, and residential safety codes that govern community development and uplift the role of residential members in the planning stages of new infrastructure. The campaign will conduct a social survey of at-risk and targeted redevelopment areas to reveal intentional government disinvestment that violates the DC Fair Housing Act. The Rights of Residents Campaign will also aim to improve residential attitude towards community involvement, attendance of community meetings to address neighborhood issues, and individual and community efficacy in voting for local leadership by educating them on their rights and the avenues they are able to use to confront injustice

Blairr Miller

Economic Justice

Enrich Our Youth is a multi-year initiative that aims to provide financial education to high school students at predominantly Black and Hispanic high schools in Florida. The Black & Hispanic communities in America as a whole have been deprived of financial education for centuries, which has played a major role in the wealth gap between Black and Hispanic Americans and White Americans. EOY aims to connect financial advisors who can interact comfortably with students, provide simple, but life-changing tips that students can implement in the near future, and inspire students to become responsible stewards of their finances while going on to increase their wealth throughout their adult lives. EOY also aims to encourage the implementation of legislation that will require all Florida high school students to take at least a ½ credit of financial literacy before graduating from high school.

Blanca Carrillo Salmeron


This blueprint’s core focus is to bring local and statewide awareness of the undocumented experience, as well as to humanize undocumented individuals in the conservative climate of the State of Oklahoma. The climate of the state has made it very clear that being undocumented is seen as a criminal offense and less of a human rights issue. This project aims to take on this issue through conducting a series of teach-ins in combination with art showcases to provide a broad picture of the undocumented experience and a platform for those voices through different formats of knowledge sharing. It also aims to reach out to undocumented individuals without displacing them or placing them in danger to show there are resources for them to utilize in the Oklahoma area.

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