Akil Reynolds

LGBTQ+ Justice

Boston Radical Black Men is to be a radical social justice space centering the experiences of queer and trans black men who may or may not have disabilities, centering anti-racist, anti-sexist. The model of this group is inspired by Boston Glass which is a drop-in community center with locations in Boston and Framingham. Boston GLASS offers a continuum of services offered to individuals the ages of 13 – 29.

Alexis Pollitto

Health Equity

Developing a Curriculum for Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Monmouth County, NJ aims to provide resources for those seeking help in rehabilitation facilities, such as job searching skills and how to apply for further education, and provide recovering addicts with the means to return to day to day life.

Alix Swann

Environmental Justice / Economic Justice

Spelman TRADES will work towards achieving economic justice and environmental justice for students at Spelman College and of the labor world by creating real and sustainable change leading to a reduction of waste. Spelman TRADES will focus on the creation of an annual flea market and awareness campaign.

Allie Pham

Racial Justice

Empower Vietnamese Youths is a program that aims to educate Vietnamese youths residing in Oklahoma City through workshops on the issues that exist within the Vietnamese community, and encourage youths to explore their identity and history while being empowered in order to create change in the community.

Amber Donald

Health Equity

BLAZE Health Podcast aims to uplift Black women and girls by creating intentional space for them to have dialogue about mental health, wellness, self-love, and access to Black health professionals. We will cultivate a new way for our communities deal with mental health, wellness, and negative life situations.

Amber Olmos

LGBTQ+ Justice

Inglewood Pride is an event for LGBTQIA+ visibility, acceptance, and celebration in the City of Champions. The event aims to provide a safe space where LGBTQIA+ folks can celebrate their true versions of themselves alongside community members through resource booths, LGBTQIA+ performers, and local vendors.

Anne Flomenhaft

Health Equity

#SinglePayerAndNothingLess is designed to ensure healthcare as a right according to the law of New York State. It plans to use a people powered campaign to enact change in the state of New York to create a single-payer, universal healthcare system and ensure the wealthiest individuals pay their fair share.

Anyssa Egans

Education Justice

The Swordsmen Promise is a program that aims to provide resources for first-generation college students at Saint Paul High School by teaching students about the financial aid process, internships, major selection, types of institutions, and other tools needed to prepare for education after high school.

Aparna Sethumadhavan

Health Equity

Inequities in the healthcare system continue to prevent marginalized groups for accessing appropriate and equitable care. Health Justice at UF seeks to rectify this issue by creating a one-day conference for medical students to expand their medical education to encompass social justice scholarship.

Ashley Hayes

Economic Justice

High Definition is a direct service for junior and senior high school students in low-income communities on the south side of Chicago. HD’s aim is to build community by providing opportunities and resources to students looking to start their career, build business, and impact their communities.

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