Vashti  Proctor

Vashti Proctor

Education Justice


LouiEvolve Hip Hop and Arts Festival is an annual festival that celebrates the future of hip hop by highlighting Louisville artists who push society forward through this revolutionary art. Louievolve will focus on providing resources to amplify Louisville’s art community through education and celebration.
Vickiey  Byfield

Vickiey Byfield

LGBTQ+ Justice


QueerxKidz is an organization addressing the lack of representation and centering of people of color in LGBT spaces in Miami. QueerxKids will provide a space of comfort and incorporate leadership, creativity, activities, and compassion skills.

Yanelle  Cruz Bonilla

Yanelle Cruz Bonilla

Economic Justice


E.N.E. seeks to uphold the rights of low-income and vulnerable tenants, particularly when they are called into housing court for evictions. Our goals are to create a free resource guide for tenants to increase their legal literacy, and to ensure there is a right to legal counsel in all civil court matters.

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