Courts Matter

Recent, regressive judicial rulings that range from the dismantling of basic voter protection to paving the way for increased corporate spending in our political system demonstrate a changing judicial system. The courts have become another venue through which conservative policies are being promulgated at the expense of ordinary Americans. It is crucial for progressives to work to develop a federal judiciary composed of judges who represent the diversity of America and who understand how deeply their interpretations of the law impact us.

Mission of YP4’s Courts Matter Campaign

Through the Youth Leadership Courts Matter Initiative of the Young People For (YP4) Program, the People for the American Way Foundation (PFAWF) will engage a select cohort of past and current YP4 Fellows on the ways young people can approach the courts as a site of organizing and a tool for creating systemic change. By examining the connections between fellows’ ongoing work in their communities and national organizing around judicial nominations, impact litigation, and access to justice issues, the Youth Leadership Courts Matter Initiative aims to unleash the power of diverse youth voices through courts activism.


After participation in the Courts cohort, fellows will be able to:

  • Identify how “courts matter” for their communities, the progressive movement, and the issues they’ve chosen to address through their Blueprints for Social Justice;
  • Clearly articulate the ways state and federal courts are set up to address key constitutional questions relevant to movements organizing for social change;
  • Develop a comprehensive skill-set that enables them to work collaboratively with lawyers and non-lawyers alike to forge meaningful change on their campuses and in their communities.


For more information on the Young People For Courts Matter Initiative, please contact YP4  Policy & Civic Engagement Manager  Andrea Sosa at