Depiction of sign at protest reading "Trans people of color have been shot too."
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Remember Their Names

Photo by  On June 26, 2015 same-sex marriage was ruled legal in the United States by the Supreme Court.  At the time, the fight for marriage equality had become the…

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10 MORE Tips for Building an Accessible Movement

In my previous article, I provided ten tips on creating accessible social justice spaces. But I wasn’t done! Here are then more strategies to add to your accessibility warrior toolkit:…

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10 Tips for Building an Accessible Movement

Accessibility has become a buzzword for many in the progressive movement. Many organizations, groups, and clubs boast about their own high levels of accessibility for folks with disabilities. I have…

A Letter in Support of Marissa and Mara
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A Letter in Support of Marissa and Mara

If I may briefly interject from my original post… Though this piece is largely about the destructive nature of respectability politics, particularly in the Black community, it also is a…

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The Realities of Stonewall

If you google “Stonewall Riots,” your search will result in hundreds of photos of white men with banners and signs, defying police and fighting for their rights at the Stonewall…

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The Fight for Voters’ Rights Is a Necessary Interruption

“Forward together, not one step back” were the chants heard in every space we entered while we marched for voters’ rights in Winston-Salem, North Carolina last month. On July 13,…

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Reflections on Charleston and Obergefell

Last month I was in Durham, North Carolina with People For the American Way Foundation staff and local leaders discussing strengthening community leadership, connection, and building power within the south….

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The Courts Have to Matter to LGBTQ Americans

By Erik Lampmann ’11. Cross-posted on the People For and Alliance for Justice blogs. Federal courts routinely hand down judgments that affect everyday Americans at an immediate, painful, and personal…

Voter ID sign
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Supreme Court’s Denial of Wisconsin Voting Rights a Motivator for Millennials

Cross-posted on the People For Blog. Written by 2014 YP4 Fellow Zachary Koop. This past Monday, the US Supreme Court made a troubling decision: it rejected an appeal to overturn…

Regional Training
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YP4 Launches North Carolina Community College Initiative

At YP4 we know that beyond a center of community activity, community colleges have the real potential to become centers of grassroots progressive activity. This is especially true given that…