We’re training communities to build power, not just for this election, but for the long term.


With the current pandemic looming over us, our communities are facing even greater challenges from the unjust systems and inequities that existed before this virus. At the same time, those in positions of power are using this pandemic as an opportunity to consolidate their power and make these inequities permanent.

Now, more than ever, we must build power to push for a radical agenda to reshape our world.

As a result of this pandemic, and its increase attack on the communities we center, we’ve re-imagined our efforts to build power. Understanding the critical time we are in, we are expanding access to our trainings by going virtual.

This virtual training series will break down each level of government to explore what’s at stake for our communities using COVID- 19 as a case study. It will explain how international politics work with our three branches of government and how we can build power during this election and beyond.

These trainings will culminate in a national Civic Engagement Summit packed with workshops, keynotes, and panels with people building power all over the country.

Get ready for dope speakers and riveting conversations that will challenge how we think about our government, elections, and civic participation.

In order to fully understand what’s at stake for us in the 2020 election and beyond, and how we can engage our communities to participate, we have to break down how all levels of government work and interact, what power elected officials have, and how their decisions impact our lives, especially now during a pandemic.

In a series of FOUR virtual trainings we will tackle the following:

  • Break down how government works at the local, state, federal levels and how it impacts intentional politics
  • Break down which officials are responsible for the COVID-19 response and which are responsible for ensuring our votes are protected during this pandemic
  • Provide a framework for effectively engaging your community in the civic process and building power for the long term
  • Provide engagement opportunities leading up to the 2020 election and beyond


  • July 1st: Civic Engagement Training: Local
  • July 8th: Civic Engagement Training: State
  • July 15th: Civic Engagement Training: Federal
  • July 22nd: Civic Engagement Training: International

Times: 7:30PM – 9PM EST

The YP4 Virtual Civic Engagement Summit will be YP4’s most expansive Summit yet, as we are expanding access to every community in all states and territories.
During the first week of August, we will bring together folks from all over the country for a series of virtual experiences, conversations, workshops, community building opportunities, and more.
We know that these times are difficult for our communities, as we battle surviving this pandemic, while trying to stay focused on doing the work during this consequential election year.
This Summit will be an opportunity to better understand the moment we’re living in, conceptualize your role in this work, and find moments of community and joy.

During the Summit, you will:

  • Learn from experts and leaders in various fields
  • Find ways to engage your community in the upcoming elections and beyond
  • Engage in innovative virtual experiences
  • Connect with people from all parts of the country
  • Find joy in virtual entertainment experiences


  • August 4th– 7th



We want our virtual trainings and Summit to be as accessible and impactful as possible to build power for our communities. To do that, we need your help! What does partnership look like?

  • Invite the folks you serve to participate in our virtual training series and Summit and spread the word with your networks. We want to make these opportunities accessible to EVERY community in ALL states and territories, and we need partners to help us make this happen!
  • Host a workshop or participate in a panel discussion. We’re looking for experts and leaders from all industries to help us reimagine how we think about our government, elections, and civic participation.
  • There are no costs associated with partnership.

If you’re interested in partnership or know someone who would be a good partner, click here to book a time to chat with our team!

Questions? Email us at