Civic Engagement

YP4 is committed to engaging our Fellows, alumni, and young people across the country in developing long-term progressive infrastructures in policy and politics. In our programs, we invest in youth by providing them with the trainings and mentorship necessary to advance progressive change in local, state, and national communities.

We offer numerous avenues for Fellows and alumni to increase their civic participation, and to gain electoral, advocacy, and organizing experience. These opportunities include:

Blueprint for Social Justice: during the YP4 Fellowship, Fellows develop and implement a campus or community-based and sustainable project that addresses a problem Fellows see in their communities. Blueprints promote social justice and progressive values and prepares Fellows for successful, long-term civic participation. To implement their Blueprints, Fellows utilize the skills developed through regional and national trainings and the ILDP with support from staff, mentors, and a small seed grant.

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YP4 Vote Program: Since 2006, YP4 has helped youth exercise their right to vote. By facilitating nonpartisan education programs on the importance of voting and sharing tools for how to get their peers to the polls, we aim to turn young adults into lifelong voters. This program ensures that the voices of our nation’s youth are heard in America’s political system and works to increase the civic participation levels of historically disenfranchised communities.

Collaborative Campaigns: YP4’s Collaborative Campaigns program engages our entire network on issue-focused advocacy work during and beyond election cycles. From getting money out of politics to diversifying our judicial systems, YP4 ensures that our Fellows, alums, and partners are aware of and engaged in issues that affect us all.

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YP4 Blog: On the YP4 Blog, Fellows and alum can write about their activism on the issues they care about. The blog team uplifts the voices of diverse young adults while helping to hone their advocacy and writing skills so they can effectively disseminate their ideas to a wider audience.

Little Black Books: YP4’s Little Black Book (LBB) project provides Fellows and other young progressives with cheat sheet guides on high priority issues and skills useful to young progressive organizers and activists, such as Media and Messaging, Coalition Building, and more.