Civic Engagement

At the core of social justice is civic engagement, which YP4 ingrains in every aspect of our work. We engage Fellows, Alumni, and young people across the country in creating long-term, sustainable change in their communities by supporting and training them to interact with and reshape the institutions of political life in their communities. We support them in activities ranging from voter engagement, to advocacy, to policy crafting.

We specifically offer two opportunities for current and former YP4 Fellows to participate in civic engagement work, our Vote and Courts Matter Initiatives.

Vote Initiative

Since 2006, YP4 has helped youth exercise their right to vote. Through our vote initiative, we facilitate a nonpartisan education program on the importance of voting to engage young people in deconstructing how voting impacts the issues that they care about. This initiative gives our network the tools and resources to understand the political system, and make their voice heard within it. Additionally, our Fellows ground their Blueprints for Social Justice in the trainings and resources they receive through this initiative.

Courts Matter Initiative

Through this initiative, we engage folks in conversations and trainings on the ways young people can approach the courts as a site of organizing and a tool for creating systemic change. We do this by encouraging Fellows to examine the connections between their Blueprints for Social Justice and national organizing around judicial nominations, impact litigation, and access to justice issues. The Courts Matter Initiative aims to unleash the power of diverse youth voices through courts activism.