• What are the Regional Trainings?

Posted May 15, 2014 by Young People For

All Fellows begin their YP4 experience over the summer at a Regional Trainings, which take place in different cities across the country. At the four-day Regional Trainings, Fellows meet with 30-40 other young activists and organizers from their region, YP4 staff and alumni, and organizational partners from the area. The focus of these initial trainings is individual capacity-building and leadership development. Fellows are introduced to progressive values through workshops and discussions on power, privilege, oppression, intersectionality, allyship, personal storytelling, community building, and more. In addition, issue area experts join us to train the Fellows on topics ranging from environmental and reproductive justice to voting rights work. At these trainings, Fellows begin to draft a proposal for their Blueprint for Social Justice, the project they will lead in their own community later in the Fellowship year.

In 2015, Regional Trainings will be held on:  June 16th-  June18th ;    July 13th – July 16th; and  August 13th- August 16th.