What is a Blueprint for Social Justice?

Posted May 5, 2017 by Saryn Francis

The Blueprint for Social Justice  is a community action plan created by each Fellow to address a need in their campus and/or community. YP4 provides Fellows with the training, Fem/Mentorship, resources, and technical assistance necessary to ensure their Blueprints can be supported over the long-term.  

YP4 doesn’t tell Fellows what to think or what issues to work on. Rather, we equip Fellows with the tools they need to work with those around them in determining which issue and approach is best suited for their community. Some of the projects we support include Blueprints designed to:

  1. Organize the student body or a community around an important issue
  2. Advocate for a certain community being impacted by an issue, but whose voices are not being heard
  3. Launch leadership, education, or Fem/Mentorship programs
  4. Spearhead campus resolutions that concretely improve the quality of life for students, faculty, workers, or the surrounding community
  5. Create new alliances, coalitions, and networks on campus