• What issues does Young People For focus on?

Posted May 15, 2014 by Guest Author

Over the past few years, we’ve identified 15 core issue areas in which Fellows tend to engage. There areas are:

Community Safety & Justice

Courts & Judicial Reform

Disability Rights

Economic Justice

Educational Equity & Access

Environmental Conservation & Justice

Immigrant Rights

LGBTQ+ Rights & Liberation

Money in Elections

Native American Empowerment, Cultural Preservation, & Tribal Sovereignty

Public Health

Racial Justice

Reproductive Justice

Voting Rights & Voter Education

Women’s Rights

Historically, Fellows could also select Religious Liberties & Justice, along with Progressive Alliance & Coalition Building, as issue areas. The latter has since become an approach to social change that all Fellows must practice in their Blueprint projects.

Please consult our Issues page for more information, definitions, and examples of each issue area. To see examples of Blueprint community projects Fellows have completed in each area, visit our Blueprints database.

Please note that YP4’s issues list is by no means comprehensive. Each year, we have Fellows who work on issues outside of these areas. If there is another issue you are passionate about, you are still welcome to apply!