Dis/ability Justice

disability rights movement

As a community of organizers with different abilities and levels of mobility, YP4 knows our movement will never achieve liberation without first engaging in radical self-love for our bodies, minds, and all of their particularities.  We believe that a movement for dis/ability justice requires that we expand opportunities and pathways for all people to shape our shared future. In the service of this vision, the YP4 staff is committed to working with differently abled members of our YP4 network to make our training spaces accessible while amplifying the work of Fellows and alumni engaged in work which, for instance, challenges dis/ability stigma and ensures access to education, housing, high quality health care, and jobs.


An example of a disability rights-focused Blueprint was that of Tracy Gebhart ’11, who worked to ensure her University of Massachusetts campus was complying with Americans With Disabilities Act standards and developed a class on disability rights to raise awareness of issues surrounding ableism.

Many thanks to Ki’tay Davidson ’12 and People For the American Way Foundation staff for their help in the shaping of this issue area.


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