Health Equity


Young People For is not only committed to the sustainability of our movement’s infrastructure, organizations, and resources, we’re also committed to the well-being of those doing the work each day –– and to the communities from which they’ve come. We believe that access to high quality medical care is a necessity for any truly democratic society and a building block for liberation. As such, we lend our support to Fellows and alumni providing direct medical services to those abandoned by the for-profit medical industry, translating technical medical materials for their communities, and those challenging service providers to learn more about the specific health needs of our communities, particularly trans* and queer folks, people living with immunodeficiency’s, and those who are differently abled.


An example of public health work is that of 2013 Fellow Jasper Katz, who founded Define Depression, a forum for survivors of depression to own their histories with all parts of their identities, including race, history of mental illness, gender identity, sexuality, and more.

Many thanks to Naomi Ashan ’10, Linh Chuong ‘12 , and People For the American Way Foundation staff for their help in the shaping of this issue area.



By establishing United2Heal on his campus, Mahmoud is working to remedy health disparities across the globe. In addition to working
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The Akili Initiative

Through her Blueprint Katherine Warren founded The Akili Initiative, a student movement that seeks to build the next generation of
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S.C.O.U.T. B.A.N.A.N.A.

Alex Hill worked to improve the infrastructure of S.C.O.U.T. B.A.N.A.N.A., an organization that aims to promote and support community-based projects
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denovo project

The “denovo project” Blueprint was designed to provide low income and struggling families access to healthy food through the vehicle
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Health for DC Teens

Through his Blueprint, Dominique empowered African American teens through programs that exposed them to a better life and career opportunities
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Health Equity for Burma

Arianna’s Blueprint project used a grassroots approach to social change by connecting local health care networks to larger international foundations
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To build a community of healthy students focused on working in true, equal partnership with those in need, Rachel work
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Food Justice for Brandeis

Through her Blueprint project, Marisa worked to change fellow students’ personal decisions and her campus food supplier, Aramark’s, service to
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Ending AIDS

Mel led her campus to join the campaign to end AIDS. She worked to sustain the Columbia University Student Global
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Define Depression

Jasper believes that effectively treating depression is impossible without involving survivors of depression and taking their unique histories into account.
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Creating Survivors

Through Jairuss blueprint, he founded a non-profit organization, Creating Survivors, which works to increase access to licensed psychotherapists in order
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Countering HIV in DC

Hannah’s blueprint addressed the staggering rates of HIV infection in DC. The institutionalized issues (root causes) that she addressed were
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Active Minds Benefit

As a psychology minor, Laura noticed that her college campus had relatively little support for mental illness, despite the fact
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