Spiritual Resistance

Leslie Malachi

At YP4, we know that birthing a movement for transformative justice requires that we hold each other in all our complexities — including our religious and spiritual practices. As a movement with diverse faith traditions –– including atheism and agnosticism –– we at YP4 believe in a holistic reclamation of faith as an integral element of many folks’ organizing work. We uplift the critical insights of the Liberation Theology movement and push back against Christian hegemony which alienates and belittles other spiritual traditions. In the service of that vision, we commit to holding space at our Regional Trainings and National Summit for discussions of faith-filled activism and pledge to honor the experiences and commitments of those without faith or who are exploring different spiritual experiences. Fellows interested in organizing around this work might concentrate their work on interfaith dialogue and solidarity, research and writing at the intersection of faith and movement-building, or challenging the dogma of organized religions from within.


An example of religious liberty work can be seen in 2009 Fellow Furquaan Sadiq’s Blueprint for Social Justice, which provided services to Muslim University of Missouri students, alumni, and community members, such as creating a database of Muslim alumni contact information as a way for students and alumni to keep in touch and setting up an Executive Board and Steering Committee that catered to these students by organizing events and activities that were inclusive of the Muslim population.

Many thanks to People For the American Way Foundation staff for their help in the shaping of this issue area. Photo of Minister Leslie Malachi of PFAW’s African American Religious Affairs program as she advocates for LGBTQ rights at the Supreme Court. 


Muslim Youth Engagement

Sufeia’s Blueprint helped Muslim youth become more involved in their community through community service and civic engagement while still upholding
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