Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice

sexual rights advocacy


YP4 believes in the agency, self-determination and bodily autonomy of each individual to make decisions about their bodies and futures. We agitate for a vision of reproductive justice which transcends the legal right to abortion care and which focuses on all people with uteri’s abilities to access the preventive, sexual, pregnancy, prenatal, birthing, abortion, and gender-affirming care they need. In many ways, this vision for reproductive justice extends beyond the medical establishment, however; it includes our strongly held belief that families should have the chance to raise their children in safe, resourced neighborhoods without fear that their kids may be unduly targeted by the police or discriminated against when accessing the social institutions of daily life. Furthermore, we work to underscore the agency of young parents and fight to dismantle narratives around teenage pregnancy that demonize and inaccurately promote the idea that every young parent underwent an unintended pregnancy. With that said we also support the de-medicalization of birth and understand that each person is the ultimate expert and decision maker for their life. With that in mind, we support Fellows and alumni working on projects ranging from the establishment of an abortion fund in El Paso, Texas; direct action campaigns to block Targeted Restrictions on Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws; and those providing direct services to people with uteruses seeking contraception and preventive care.

An example of reproductive justice work is that of 2011 Fellow Heather Peeples, who used her Blueprint for Social Justice to expose the deceptive practices of a Crisis Pregnancy Center, which counsel women (especially students and people of color) to not have abortions. She worked closely with student organizations at Florida State University and Florida A&M University to plan an education campaign that shed light on the center while also raising awareness of other local health centers that provide comprehensive reproductive health services.

Many thanks to YP4 partner Amanda Williams, the Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, and People For the American Way Foundation staff for their help in the shaping of this issue area.


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