Voting Rights & Voter Engagement

Vote Program


YP4 and its Fellows recognize that few things are more fundamental in our democracy than the right to vote, a right that is increasingly endangered as a result of manufactured “voter fraud” panic and the suppressive laws being passed as a result. Conservative efforts to make it harder to vote have increased steadily through onerous policies like discriminatory voter ID bills, early voting restrictions, unreasonably restrictive residency requirements, and voter intimidation tactics. Through organizing, advocacy, and more, YP4 Fellows work to counter these efforts by ensuring young people and other historically marginalized communities are registered to vote and able to cast a ballot.

An example of voter rights and education work is that of 2013 Fellow Zach Koop, who passed a campus resolution at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse that allowed all 10,000 students to get new student IDs compliant with new voter-ID law for free.

Many thanks to Ariel Boone ’09, Quiana McKenzie ’08, and People For the American Way Foundation staff for their help in the shaping of this issue area. Photo of the 2014 YP4 Vote Organizers cohort, representing 25 organizers from 14 states and 22 campuses – collectively, they mobilized over 30,000 voters.



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