Women’s Rights

Campus Diversity


YP4 Fellows working on Women’s Rights advocate for gender equality and help ensure that women and girls are able to lead lives free from violence and discrimination, including discrimination based on gender stereotypes. They work through community organizing, volunteerism, and legislative advocacy to create a society in which all women and girls have equal access to quality education, employment, equal pay, housing, and health care irrespective of race, class, income, immigration status or involvement with the criminal justice system.

An example of women’s rights work is that of 2012 Fellow Jennifer Rubio who, in conjunction with the W.A.G.E. Project, coordinated a series of $tart $mart workshops for self-identifying women in her community in order to teach them about salary research, budgeting, and wage negotiation. She further collaborated with the University of Washington Women’s Center to bring the workshop to the school under a three year trial lease that will likely become a permanent fixture, given the program’s huge success.

Many thanks to Jennifer Rubio ’12 and People For the American Way Foundation staff for their help in the shaping of this issue area. Photo of 2013 YP4 Fellow Donya Nasser speaking on the importance of women running for elected office.


Women of Color Lead

Christine’s Blueprint addressed the decline in applications for leadership positions and opportunities within the Black and Latina communities at Bryn
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W.A.G.E Project

Jennifers Blueprint focuses on the gender wage gap. She is coordinating a series of workshops for women on her campus
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For her Blueprint, Ashley founded TogetHER, a girls empowerment and leadership group. The mission of TogetHER is to serve at-risk,
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Grrrls Night

Pop culture’s misrepresentation, lack of representation, and generally oppressive treatment of women, queer people, people of color, and other marginalized
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Down with Discrimination

John’s Blueprint adressed the problems of sexual assult, violence towards LGBT-indentified people, and discirmination based on gender identity and expression
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