In 10 years, we envision a country where our government is transparent, accountable, and truly representative of our identities and values at all levels and in all branches. Our communities will be educated on, and able to meaningfully participate in, the full civic process. We will have models to end the many barriers to our power, including white supremacy, imperialism, cisheteropatriarchy, economic inequity, and the Electoral College.

And this is how we’re going to do it.

I am committed to leveraging the diversity and passion in my community to inspire and empower more people to become civically engaged. – YP4’19 Ayesha Ahsan

I am committed to coordinating community conversations around the importance of our vote in the 2020 election and what’s at stake. I am also committed to coordinating a transportation initiative to make sure everyone without transportation makes it to the polls. – YP4’18 Alphonso Amos

I am committed to working alongside the councilwoman I work for regarding maternal leave, sex-ed, and free menstrual products. – YP4’19  Anyssa Egans

I will put in the time to engage in Census 2020 campaigns, spreading education, and increasing turnout for April 1st.  – YP4’19 Ayla Kadah

I am committed to researching and doing informed interviews/in depth dialogue about the state of Georgia. Additionally, synergizing and seeing the relationships that exist between local and grassroots campaigns and current health issues in GA. – YP4’18 Courtni Andrews

I will reach out to organizers in my area to figure out how to start the process of petitioning and lobbying. – YP4’19 Dhara Patel