Adam Greenberg

Adam Greenberg was 2007 Fellow and former YP4 Intern. His 20s have been a debt-free decade of backpacking (figuratively and literally backpacking) through work with meaning. His Junior year at the University of Miami was one of his most formative. Adam spoke out for the rights of his campus janitors to form a union as they wished and earn a living wage. He was directly threatened with suspension, expulsion, loss of scholarship, and arrest by his alma mater, but the successful campaign improved the situation of more than 450 families. After graduating, Adam helped rebuild homes with Habitat for Humanity and the people of New Orleans, among two proud terms (2 years) of national service with AmeriCorps. He has since presented across the US with BioTour, a veggie oil bus tour; wrote the new mission statement at TOMS; copy-edited at the White House; and taught, lived, and continued backpacking abroad. Adam was only able to pursue this path because a wonderful scholarship enabled him to graduate debt-free. It is with this grateful spirit that Adam works to make access to affordable education and meaningful opportunities a realization for anyone.