Alyssa Smith was born in Pine Bluff, AR and has resided in Little Rock. Alyssa enjoys immersing herself in various cultures. For example, traveling is an important part of Alyssa’s life. Alyssa has taken opportunities to study abroad. At Alyssa’s high school, Alyssa was involved in Central’s International Acceptance Organization (CIAO), which was a club centered on bringing the experience of other cultures to my peers. Alyssa also enjoys learning about history, especially when it informs Alyssa of her heritage. Alyssa volunteered at Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site and was a member of the Historic Site’s Youth Leadership Academy (YLA). As a chairman of her school’s chapter of the NAACP, Alyssa has a passion for social justice. In addition to being in NAACP, Alyssa was a member of Project Town, a student-based social justice organization sponsored by Communities of Arkansas (JCA). After graduation, Alyssa plans on going to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Alyssa is not sure what she wants to major in yet, but she hopes it will align with her interests. In the future, Alyssa wants to start an organization that helps at-risk youth by giving them the opportunities that might not be afforded to them; whether it is going to a state park, a museum, or learning how to garden, the exposure will make a difference in their lives. Alyssa’s mother made it a priority that she knew the importance of history, geography, and culture. Alyssa wants to pass on the knowledge she has gained to the younger generation.