Andrea Headley


Andrea Headley attended the University of Miami. She was a double major in Human and Social Development and Criminology with a minor in Communication Studies. She has worked with various non-profit organizations, taught law at an all boys detention center, conducted community based research, worked for political campaigns, and mentors and tutors student athletes. She believes in educational equality and opportunity for all as well as juvenile justice. She has interest in policy and various other legal aspects. Ultimately, she longs to become an influential community builder in her hometown to empower and uplift others by God’s help.


Location: Miami, FL, United States

    Issues Areas:
  • Education Justice

Campus: University of Miami - Miami, FL

Fellowship Class Year: 2012

Featured Fellow Spotlight

YP4: What do you stand for?

I stand for those who can’t stand for themselves.  The oppressed, the marginalized, the unfairly treated. I stand for me, because “we the people” meant “we” were and still are one.


YP4: How did you become involved with YP4?

I became involved with YP4 through a friend from the Ron Brown Alumni Network. He informed me about the program and insisted I apply, but the day prior to application deadline I decided not to apply. He called me and sat and the phone for hours with me persuading me to apply, explaining why I am a good fit, and encouraging me concerning my doubts.


YP4: What is your Blueprint for Social Justice?

My Blueprint for Social Justice is aimed at providing easier access to educational opportunities and equality by providing services to high school youth in underserved communities.


YP4: What has been your greatest achievement so far?

While I have many bruises and scars to show that I overcame various obstacles, my greatest achievement will be my graduation day from college on May 10, 2013, because it will be one of the more aesthetic tangible objects that portrays ‘I overcame.’


YP4: What motivates and inspires you?

I am motivated and inspired by the “disadvantaged,” “underserved,” “underrepresented,” “impoverished,” and “underprivileged.” When I see someone in a situation that I could have easily been in, yet I was fortunate enough to not be in it, I am inspired to make a difference because someone, somewhere, someway made a difference for me.


YP4: What is a main goal that you want to accomplish?

I would like to become an advocate for education equality/reform and juvenile justice that actually impacts the issues I am advocating for.  I want to empower, inspire, and organize others to fight for the issues they believe in.


YP4: What is your vision for the world?

My vision for the world is a world in which we all have the same opportunities, advantages, and respect. A world in which we are seen for our similarities and not our differences.


YP4: How do you feel you fit in to the Progressive Movement?

I don’t feel like I fit in to it at all, I feel like the Progressive Movement fits in to me. I am an educator, a mentor, and an organizer. I seek to make a difference in any and every atmosphere I enter. I seek to change the world that I live in little by little.


YP4: What is a struggle that you’ve faced or are facing in your work?

A struggle that I face in my work is helping others to believe in what I believe in and finding others who care about the well being of others and not solely making money for self-gain.


YP4: What advice do you have for others dealing with those struggles?

Even if you have only gained one person, you have gained much. While a movement cannot consist of only one person in its entirety, it doesn’t mean that it cannot start with only one person.


YP4: How can other Fellows get involved or find more information about the work you’re doing?

Fellows can get involved and find more information about the work that I am doing by contacting me at I also want to know about the great work that others are doing around my interest areas of education and juvenile justice!!


YP4: What advice would you give to the 2013-2014 incoming class of Fellows?

“…Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

(Galatians 5:1 NIV)

Because when we stop fighting for what we believe in we become slaves to the world. “You never lose a battle until you stop fighting.”


YP4: If every time you entered a room your theme song played, what would it be and why?

Never would have made it by Marvin Sapp because without God’s Grace, Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Strength I would not have overcame!