April is a graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s in Food Studies and Public Policy with a concentration in Global Health Policy. With her current background and future pursuits, she hopes she can be of use in an increasingly critical space where public health, social justice norms, and policies are collaborating. April thinks the passion she has long cultivated for public health stems from a fundamental recognition that far too many people, in our local and global communities, are depending on their health as the sole means of their families’ livelihoods. Domestic and global policies regarding the distribution and sourcing of our food, medicines and other life essential commodities have far too often favored corporate interests over public health considerations to the detriment of our most vulnerable.  With such injustices constantly in mind, she believes that dismantling health disparities will at least bring forth some form of the right to health. Some undergrad experiences April reflects most fondly on include time with refugee families and folks at the local shelter, political activism, a forum for dialogue about diversity and food security-related advocacy.  April is planning how to most effectively dedicate her post-graduation year to learning more about our nation’s relationship with food sources. With a strong belief in the healing of a wholesome diet and outlook on health April will continue to work toward better access to quality food and health care for families who depend on their health most.