Christin “Cici” Battle


Location: Miami, FL, United States

    Issues Areas:
  • Voting Rights & Voter Engagement

Campus: Florida International University - Miami, FL

Fellowship Class Year: 2010

Blueprint: Getting Youth Engaged Politically

Cici's Blueprint addressed the both the lack of engagement and access to education, along with youth involvement politics. Because many people are not exposed to politics due to lack of opportunity, it is seen as unknown territory. Combined with a lack of educational opportunity for these same individuals (and, namely, a lack of civics education), the importance of the political process is lost in a vicious cycle of exclusion and ignorance. In addition, Cici identified the lack of outreach to young voters due to political disinterest and the lack of young politicians to engage and encourage other youth to follow suit, were major issues to engaging her peers politically. The Lack of access to political information to thoroughly break down the structure and propose of state and local government. Cici thus worked to get more young people, specifically college students, to become active participants in their local and state wide community by educating them on the process and structures of government and understand how it impacts their everyday lives in small and larger ways.