Erica Mooney has considered herself a citizen of the Great Lakes watershed. Ypsilanti, Michigan is home. Erica earned her B.S. from Eastern Michigan University (EMU), with honors, in Urban & Regional Planning and a minor in Geographic Information Systems. She was a 2012 Fellow with Young People For, a 2013 delegate to Focus the Nation’s ReCharge Retreat, and was gifted a spot in Coaching for Social Change’s 2014 Thriving Changemaker Summit. Using the framework of climate action and emissions reduction, she built a coalition among local and regional stakeholders. She has been deeply embedded in gratitude for the living systems of the Earth, and for her sense of place. Erica hopes to create her own career as a sustainability pollinator, integrating her degree with community collaboration. She has run The Giving Garden @ EMU and networked her way to creating jobs for herself and empowering other solutionaries. Her commitment as a localist underscores her participation in travel and networking as she engaged in a global journey towards a thriving, just, and healthy world.