Eunice Gonzalez-Sierra is a Mexican-American Oaxaqueña who first arrived to the United States in the belly of her immigrant mother. She was born and raised in the Central Coast in Santa Maria, CA where her parents immigrated to and dedicated their lives to picking one of the sweetest fruits in the world, strawberries. She is passionate about social justice, immigrant rights, and educational equity. With a Bachelor’s degree in Chicana/o Studies from UCLA, Eunice hopes to use her own intersecting identities to advocate for educational access and equity and a plethora of social justice issues, she served as a College Site Coordinator for UCSB’S Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) where she worked with young students to ensure they found the tenacity and drive to excel within their educational trajectory, despite many economic and institutional barriers. In the future, Eunice plans to go back to school and earn a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership with the hopes of becoming an educational policymaker and/or a principal in one of her local middle schools. Whether it’d be making a difference nationwide or locally, Eunice plans to advocate for educational access and equity for students across the board. On her spare time, Eunice enjoys writing poetry, playing tennis and reading.