Ezra Temko was a YP4 Fellow in 2006 while attending Oberlin College (Ohio). He has since participated with PFAW Foundation as a 2006 Front Lines Leaders Academy Fellow, 2007 Senior Fellow, 2007-2008 Leadership Academy Fellow, 2008-2012 Young Elected Officials Network member, and 2012-2014 Alumni Board Member. Ezra lives in New Hampshire with his husband Drew, where he pursued a Sociology PhD from the University of New Hampshire. Ezra has been a Teaching Assistant at UNH, where he instructed a course in Social Problems. He has also served as a sociology instructor at Great Bay Community College. Ezra has served the UNH community as a Social Justice Educator and as president of the Graduate Student Senate. He has served his local town as an elected member of the Newmarket Planning Board. Previously Ezra was the Delaware organizer for Americans for Democratic Action where he focused on grassroots advocacy around social and economic justice issues. Before that he worked for the Sierra Club of Delaware, attended graduate school in public administration, served on his local city council, and taught middle school math and Kindergarten. Ezra is passionate about community, social justice, family, and good food.