Flores-Abid is a first-generation, female college graduate from a working class family, Zuleima believes in the importance of helping people from all backgrounds allocate resources to have livable conditions to succeed in our society. As a former External Affairs Chair for Legal Education Association for Diversity (LEAD) and former mentor for Freedom4Youth, she learned that access to resources and opportunities is crucial, and makes the difference in individual’s future endeavors. Once, Zuleima graduated from UC Santa Barbara she returned to her hometown of Stockton, CA and took part in Motivation TV’s “Campaign For Change.” With a drive to bring about change, Zuleima helped to coordinate community events aimed at giving individuals an opportunity to share their story on stage. She also joined the National Alliance on Mental Illness in which she helped to run State programs and assisted affiliates in the state of California. To this day, Zuleima holds dearly in her heart the day her mother told her at the Tijuana border, “Tu Fuerte como un roble” which means “Stay Strong like an Oak Tree.” Those words have taught Zuleima that words are powerful and can change people’s perspectives towards life. That same message she plans to take to each individual she meets and hopes  that those individuals pass that message on to others.