JuJulianna Bradley, 2007 YP4 and 2007 Front Line Leaders Academy Fellow, has been devoted to ending educational and racial inequity in the United States. She has served as Director, Regional Leadership Development for Leadership for Educational Equity to provide high quality training and mentoring to teachers and former teachers who seek to gain community organizing, political or campaign skills. There Julianna worked to organize students and align nonprofit services to accurately assess and meet student, school, and community needs, to decentralize power, and to inspire action and leadership in previously marginalized and disenfranchised groups. A deeply rooted activist for intersectional social justice, Julianna seeks to create a more equitable future by ensuring equitable school quality and access to development opportunities for students. Julianna holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and political science from the University of Arizona. She welcomes all opportunities to connect with others who share a vision of a progressive future where fundamental rights of education, living wages, environmental sustainability, and freedom of expression are esteemed and protected at all levels of leadership.