Kyle Smith was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan; Kyle was inspired to make a difference in the education system after personally witnessing the lack of motivation from administrators and male educators throughout his academic years in public and private schools. Kyle studied in the Inclusive Early Childhood Education at Bowling Green State University with goals and aspirations of becoming a principal. At Bowling Green State University, he was an active participant in the university’s black student union, Chi Alpha Epsilon national honor society, and the Sidney A. Ribeau’s President’s Leadership Academy.  It is Kyle’s goal to find and collaborate with individuals who want to develop a curriculum for all children that is safe, fun, and granted the proper resources, community activities, and lessons that involved diversity, mindfulness, inspiration, and uplift. During his downtime, Kyle enjoys journaling, readings on education policies, traveling, scratching items off his bucket list, and uplifting and empowering others on in person and through social media. Kyle also loves reading poetry and plans on writing a few books to empower and discuss different tips and techniques other educators can use and how they can incorporate mindfulness practices in daily school routines.