Lisa is a 2013 graduate of Swarthmore College and a YP4 2012 Fellow. She has lived in Washington DC where she worked as a legal assistant in the tax department of her law firm. When she’s not doing tax work or proofreading attorney work-product, she has assisted other attorneys in pro bono cases relating to fair housing, immigration, and children’s and women’s rights in the D.C. area. Sometimes, she even finds the time to tutor, participate in a street harassment group, conduct interviews, hang out with friends, and be domestic. Lisa has always cared deeply about myriad social justice issues, but her main focus at this point is sexual assault prevention. However, her background expands into fair educational standards, women’s issues, reproductive justice, health care reform, LGBT rights, immigration, and mental health. As a true student of life experiences, she loves learning about the intersections of our backgrounds and how they help us influence our communities and empower others. She is beyond has been excited to return to the family as a mentor and continue her explorations while helping others on their paths to success as young progressives as well.