Luis Fernandez- YP4’16

Luis Fernandez is a first generation, non-traditional college student and is a senior at Rutgers University. He is an Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF) Scholar and is pursuing a major in Information Technology with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship and Spanish. Luis currently serves as the Program Manager of the Google Community Leaders Program (CLP): New Brunswick. Their program also serves as the global model for Google, with the mission of bridging the digital divide. Luis served as the National Committee Chairman for the Google CLP Global Toolkit expansion initiative and will serve as the first-ever Global Executive Director of the Google CLP this upcoming year. He was also asked to serve on the Youth Advisory Board of Easter Seals, one of the largest nonprofits in the world that supports individuals with disabilities. Luis has had the honor of serving as the first person in Rutgers’ history to be elected to the National BIG Association of BIG Ten Students Board, representing 14 BIG Ten Schools and over 500,000 students across the nation on issues ranging from college affordability, mental health, and sexual assault. Through his work, Luis was able to attend briefings at the White House, Department of Education, was featured on USAToday and was selected as the Student Keynote Speaker for the United Nations International Campaign, HeForShe, launch at Rutgers. His past experiences include being a Resident Assistant, an Aresty Research Assistant, an EOF Scholar and served as a Rutgers Scarlet Ambassador. In the future, Luis wants to continue to pursue his passions of business, education, mentorship, and policy by working in the space of technology!


Campus: New Brunswick, New Jersey

Fellowship Class Year: 2016

    Fellow Groups:
  • Alumni Board

Blueprint: Google Community Leaders Program (CLP)

The “Google CLP: Civic Engagement Team” is a team of students under the Google Community Leaders Program (CLP) in New Brunswick, looking at increasing civic engagement through the use of technology and increasing digital literacy. The Google Community Leaders Program is a national program whose mission is to train students to bridge the digital divide in communities across the country. The team located in New Brunswick aims to bridge the digital divide by working with business, nonprofits, teachers, students and individuals. The Google CLP provides 1-on-1 consultation and workshops, all for free and at no cost to the members of the community. The goal of the Google CLP is to make these services available to the community. Currently, the New Brunswick CLP has four (4) teams:  

  • Marketing - works primarily to promote the image, public relations and partnerships of the Google CLP
  • Nonprofits - work with nonprofits in the New Brunswick area to provide 1 on 1 consultation on how to use digital tools to increase their reach, impact, and operations.
  • Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) - work with Small-to-Medium businesses and entrepreneurs in the New Brunswick area to provide 1 on 1 consultation on how to use digital tools to increase their reach and impact and operations.
  The Google CLP Civic Engagement Team would be the 5th team of the Google CLP - New Brunswick. The team aims to work with government entities and partners in the community to increase ways in which residents of New Brunswick can use, have access, and learn skills to use technology to be informed and engaged in civically. The Google CLP - New Brunswick chapter actually serves as the national model for Google, and would also be the first Civic Engagement Team in the nation.