As a first-generation immigrant and entrepreneur, Luisa values lived experiences, self-awareness, and the power of a hustle as core to her identity. The roots and front-lines of her experience fueled her action and nurtured her vision for equitable access and youth empowerment within her communities. She believes that empowerment starts with being empathetic and uplifting to youth and that fostering these safe spaces develops power, creativity, and community. She seeks to use innovative education to facilitate her vision and equip youth with the tools to sustain and build their own opportunities. Empowerment, innovation, and access play transformational roles  the recognizing their true power. Luisa worked as the VP of Business Development with Jossle, LLC and spent her free time writing poetry and appreciating creativity. Her track record includes building coalitions at Wellesley College, learning at the African Leadership Academy and The Lawrenceville School, and graduating from NJ SEEDS.