Mayte Sanchez has been a legislative aide for the California State Assembly. As a legislative aide, she was responsible for four pieces of legislation, staffed her Assemblymember on the LGBT Caucus and Women’s Caucus as well as a variety of issues from Elections and Redistricting to and Utilities and Commerce. Prior to moving to Sacramento from Los Angeles for the Capital Fellowship Program, she attended Pitzer College where she majored in Political Studies and Sociology. During her fours years as an undergraduate, Mayte was involved in a wide range of activities focusing on issues regarding youth empowerment amongst disenfranchised communities and immigrant rights. Mayte helped organize weekly lunches that helped students practice their Spanish with day laborers in the college dining hall, participated in citizenship coaching for adult learners who were in the process of attempting to gain their U.S. Citizenship, taught a social justice and critical thinking course at a juvenile probation camp called Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige, and led a civic engagement program under Young People For to engage students and other young people in the political process for the 2012 November election.